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A man was asked how he became so successfulHe replied two words“Excellent Decisions” He was then asked how you make Excellent DecisionsHe replied one word“Experience” He was then asked how you gain such ExperienceHe replied two words“Wrong Decisions”


Oct. 5th, 2009 06:58 am
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New update (if your not subscribed that is)

That is all...
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Greetings friends! Back from a wonderful time at Coronation and here are the pics!! They arent up to my usual happy standards due to non flash usage and experiments with f-stop and such so excuse if some are ever so slightly out of focus or slightly blurred.

Enjoy! If you see any you want of yourself taken down let me know. If you want copies of any of these (of a larger pixel scale) just drop me an email!

Vivat to King Konrad and Queen Brenwen!

Enjoy all!!

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..Spent at River Wars in Ironbog.  Had such a nice time seeing friends and walking around. The weather was perfect.  Vivat to Mistress Janine and Master Ryan who were inducted into the Order of the Pelican today.

Pictures here...Enjoy!!
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Attention Sewing friends: I'm looking for a good source for wool that isn't too pricey. Looking to make a Norse caftan type coat. Pickings are slim in Allentown. Thanks in advance.

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Ok..I met this group at the Twilight convention this weekend.  They started a couple of years ago with an online contest to make a mini movie. They are a talented bunch of people and I think are going to really go far some day.  They were extremely friendly and personable and I just wanted to share just one of the movie parodies they have done. Course this one is on Twilight ..but its funny.

And here is their site to see other parodies they have done. THey are amazing. :)


Aug. 24th, 2009 06:19 pm
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So I'm packing to go to see friend Sherri and family in Kiamesha Lake NY (round two attempt at the visit, the first attempt thwarted by the dead tranny) and when bringing the last load to the van I rolled my ankle out on a busted piece of concrete and badly sprained my left ankle. So after a lot if swearing, some crying and my son bringing me a wet towel to clean up blood, I closed up house, got kids in car and left for the trip. Hit D&D for coffee, choked down a mega motrin for pain and swelling and made it to ny by 1130. Sherri and Elan have been taking care of me, the boys running and playing with their kids and we are having a nice time. √Član even surprised me and made eggs Benedict for me for dinner. It was yummy. So it's post dinner, kids are back outside playing and I'm on deck relaxing. All things considered not a too bad day minus limping like a gimp. I'm such a klutz .....

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Welcome Home from Pennsic my friends!!
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Awake when I don't really want to be....damn mother mature

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My friend, who has always made gorgeous and delicious cakes finally turned it into a business.  Here is her site!  (and yes im at the bottom holding an A-DORABLE cake she made for my birthday...with GRAPES!!)

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I have a small tupper tote of scribal supplies that i use to sell a few years ago. Items that never sold and id like to get rid of them via selling cheap, barter, etc.  Ive got various items...brand new books, gold and silver leaf, glassine paper, some sumi inks, etc.  If anyone is interested, let me know.  I had epic failure trying to sell on ebay so if anyone wants anything or is curious as to what i have, let me know. I just want the square footage free'd up outta my house.

Spring time is the craft area....then clothes....etc etc
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So my sister and her boyfriend got married on December 13th. Most of you know this from previous posts.  Well they both play horde in World of Warcraft.  So as a little surprise i got a program offline and created, with the help of my very good friend Sherri, who was also the wedding videographer,  this little World of Warcraft video we secretly put as the start of their real wedding video.  They loved it so i thought id share it with all of you.   Enjoy!!

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...and a silly nightmare woke me up. Then i heard one of the boys coughing so i came downstairs to check on them. (we are at mom in laws house in NJ for the weekend). 

Sisters shower went very well and i will upload pics later.  Cake friend Lynn made, which we i paid her to recreate Colleen's shower invitiation, which was a four tier cake, with each layer being different cake and filling. OMG so tastey! NOM NOM NOM!

here is her site:   Crystals Custom Cakes
If you need a cake for anything...her cakes rock! Everyone was raving about them hours after the party was over. So moist and tastey!
Id dare say she is the next Ace of Cakes!

Came home and did a belate birthday dinner for bro in law Dave which was Texas Roadhouse take out. It was a lovely dinner! Got a couple of full family photos taken by a friend that was visiting.

Kids played hard today. 

This am i walked my mom in laws field...for 25 mins or so and WOW! Bumpy ground and a huge hill...still quite a work out even if i didnt walk as long as i normally do. LOL

Ok back to bed..more later

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Happy Halloween


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