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.....I send you with these wishes......

- I wish you all dull and boring trips there and back again, for it is the way of my Clann's tradition to wish it as such

-I wish you cool nights so as to sit by roaring fires with a beverage of choice, surrounded by friends and family

-I wish you mild days with minimal sun beating down upon you in which to fight honorably, shoppe merrily and stroll happily through the boisterous lands that is our long lost home for two weeks a year

-I wish you sore shoulders and arms from the hugs you give and receive and the claps on the back from greeting friends you have not seen for nigh a year

-I wish you, in that same regards, sore cheeks on your face from smiling and laughing at the tales and song that you share with these same friends

-I wish you pride and full hearts and moist eyes as you see friends or family honored for their efforts and deeds in court

-I wish you open minds, porous like a sponge, for when you delve into the university to learn a new subject or pass on the knowledge that you have to those so eager to learn

-I wish you all, those with children great happiness at seeing them romp and play, making new friends

-I wish that your Pennsic holiday does not speed by but lingers longingly so that you dont stand by asking where the time went

but most of all....

I wish i were going to share these same wishes and see them come true. I will miss you my friends.

Raise a glass for me if you'll all be in my thoughts back here. 


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