Jun. 13th, 2007 06:48 pm
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[profile] zoesca heard from her husband Phil..he is on his way here...carpooled with a soda-holic so they had six pack in car...they will be fine.  He is stopping to get extra supplies from anyplace he can. She had an idea that vinegar might work...seems anything acidic is bad for em.

Im doing what i can to stay calm...playing World of Warcraft with a S&W sitting on my lap....just in case. WoW isnt very busy this evening....guess its a little more widespread than i thought.  Holing up well...kids are asleep....kyle with a mousehawk axe in his hand clutched tightly....Doug pacing back and forth to windows with a sandwich in one hand and a shotgun in the other.

Knock at back door....Phil is here. With provisions. Our neighborhood doesnt seem to bad. Hope it stays that way....God i wish i lived where Olwyn is right now....
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Oh thank god... Doug is home...safe..and seemingly unharmed. He started dashing around and making things safer and more strongly forted in than i had done. He managed to stop and get some bottled water from a gas station...and few more essentials that Mr Paranoia would think of (and now im not so down on his paranoia anymore...though im not going to admit this to him)  than i didnt think of.  Something i didnt think of...out came the bucket of axes he takes to events and is showing Kyle how to swing one..."but only at bad people" i hear him telling him.  

[profile] zoesca is doing the one thing she does to keep busy...cooking, making sandwiches, etc....mumbling to herself "hope he's ok...wish he would calll....he is fine....he is smart..." 
I found a bag of balloons from a previous party we had here and i am filling them with salt water and soda an dplacing them in tuppertotes by the windows and doors in case we need em. Doug started to protest when i was using his cans of DR Pepper but quickly quieted down when i told them the effect they have. "Figures" he said with a big sigh and marched off to do some more sealing up of the place. 

Still waiting to hear form [profile] zoesca husband Phil....my fingers are crossed...

I hear moaning outside but so far none have tried to get in.  Cora growls at every odd sound.....
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After the frantic cell phone call from Doug about everything that has happened, i have discovered his store of scrap wood in the basement and am boarding up the windows on the first floor of the house and over the basement windows....ZOMBIES! My God i cant believe this is happening.  This is only something you hear about in movies and nightmares....cant think of that..must keep working to keep my family safe.

 Ive shown Kyle how to fill up containers of water and he is busy in the kitchen doing that.  [profile] zoesca who happen to be visiting when when he called is desperatly trying to reach her husband....not successfully it would seem...i fear the worse for him for he was in NY on a job when this all started.
Its at this moment i am thankful for the obsession with weaponry that my husband has and am finding every piece of it possible and having it at the ready.  Leo is napping at the moment..thank god for that...please let us get through this..PLEASE!  I see [profile] zoesca close her phone with a worried look as i toss her a shot gun and some ammo.  "Harden up...He's fine im sure...He has his axes" and i brace myself against the impending doom, chamber a round into the gun in my hand and wait....I am praying for Doug to walk through that door......thank god i grocery shopped yesterday.  Why do images of Terminator 2 come to mind....


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