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im down helping my mom out, who is recouping from knee surgery.

i got out of bed, the ancient mattress i slept on at my parents house (and i mean ancient..50 plus years old without an ounce of exageration) has made it impossible to stand straight and popping 1600 mgs of motrin to combat the pain, and i wonder...will they someday have spine or vertabre replacement surgery like they have knee replacements???!! i want to be the first candidate for one....*whimper,cries*

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I spent every lunch hour last year trying to get through on the phone to get interviewed for a disc replacement study that was starting. 8Bazollion people were trying to get in.

There's always hope for Medical Science.

Don't know if this would help?

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My mom had this done and she found a lot of relief from it. It's a electric stimulator that blocks the pain receptors to the brain. Look into it it may give you some relief