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catelinelb ([personal profile] catelinelb) wrote2010-07-15 06:59 am

le sigh..

another grey hair.....IN MY EYEBROW?! Seriously!?! Im going to chalk it up to stress. yep....stress.

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i have a couple of those. I pluck them out, and then I feel better :)

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Thats exactly what i did.

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My beard has been slowly going white for a few years now. Plenty of silver strands in my hair. And I'm a few years younger than you. So go ahead and catch up already ;)

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Your younger than me? I didnt know that...that just adds to it now...gee thanks E!

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I think I am. I think I read you were 2 or 3 years older. But you've aged much better. I have far more signs of lost youth than you.
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I think my eyebrows and lashes are the only places I *don't* have gray hair. :-/

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i have two white eyebrows and one white eyelash. they grow faster and longer and straight out. annoying.

ive been a white hair plucker for 5 years now. ive got white hairs, gray hairs, clear hairs, you name it.

any consolace to know that my brother started going salt and pepper in his late 20's.

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I'm older than all of you and I only pluck the white from eyebrows if it's where it shouldn't be. I have no prejudice against white or silver hair. *grin*